Custom Hypnosis Lite

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Custom Hypnosis

You’re getting sleepy. Now you can use hypnosis as a powerful tool in waging the war of mind over matter. Custom Hypnosis is the first application of it’s kind where you retain complete control over your own hypnosis session. It’s perfect for short sessions at the office, long sessions at home, or a session at bedtime. With Custom Hypnosis, you can make your sessions as long or as short as you want. And you can work on the areas of improvement that you want.

Custom Hypnosis Offers 1 power of suggestion - Restful Sleep.

This power of suggestion will give you a feel of how easy it can be to have a relaxing sleep with the power of hypnosis.

In addition to choosing your own hypnosis session, you can also choose from three different background music selections to help ease the mood. The current background music selections included are:

- Soul Revival
- Soft Piano
- Mood Enhancing

Best of all, Custom Hypnosis takes advantage of all the features the iPhone and iPod touch have to offer. With each session, you can separately customize the volume levels of the hypnotic voice and the background music tracks to make your audio session just the way you want to hear it. Each hypnosis session was individually recorded by a voice-professional company in the Big City Market of Chicago, bringing you one of the best voices in the Country for the deep and soothing sound of relaxation.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Become a better person. You have the power. Download Custom Hypnosis today to start reaping the beneficial powers of hypnosis!

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